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What does attractiveness mean?
What is the secret that makes people attractive?
Well, although we might think that an attractive physique is the one that totally gives people charisma, in fact, it is more than that.

Happiness is the feeling that everyone wants, after which everyone runs. All people want to be happy and if we think about it, the whole meaning of life revolves around happiness. What is it really and how do we get to live it?

One of the most important aspects of our lives is that of inner peace. It is very important for our harmony and fulfillment in everyday life. We have to admit that every day we stress about different situations, problems, people around us or at work … and all this stress makes us lose our inner peace.

Simplicity, so beautiful and at the same time, so sophisticated!

I always appreciated the simple things, because I felt there is something special.
That essence, which cannot be compared to anything else.
Often, we tend, maybe from a lack of self-confidence or from the belief that something should be added, to put on too much makeup, to put on a lot of accessories, to give a lot of explanations, to buy a lot of clothes … everything refers to quantity. But the true essence and beauty is in simplicity, in quality. Simplicity of words, emotions, feelings.

You may be wondering why some people are successful and some are not.
We might think it’s about luck, a family support or an inheritance.
Well, the most successful people are those who created everything from scratch, but who had a great dream, in which they believed with all their might!

One of the most important things in this world is to be honest with yourself, with your inner truth.

• What is really important to you?
• What do you want from life, from yourself, from those around you?
• What do you want from your relationship?

‘Shine your light!’…what a beautiful expression!
This is expression is my favorite, not only because it sounds amazing, but because it helps me connect to the beauty and the magic energy of the Universe.

“It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
How does this quote resonate with you?

One of the most important elements in a person’s mindset is: ‘learning to put yourself first.’
Society teaches us that this kind of approach is synonymous with selfishness, pride, infatuation and disrespect for others. The spirit of sacrifice that we saw as an example (perhaps in the family or in those around us) led us to the idea that we must put ourselves in second place to serve others.